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Frank M. Strigari


Frank is President of ZHF Consulting and brings nearly 20 years of state government expertise to his public policy practice. Over the years, legislators and statewide officeholders have turned to Frank for not only legal counsel, but for strategic advice on how to solve complex policy initiatives. That is due to his unparalleled understanding of how state public policy intersects with the complexities of the law.


Having served as Chief Legal Counsel in the Ohio Senate for more than 11 years, Frank assisted members in both the Ohio Senate and the House of Representatives in advancing countless pieces of legislation across numerous industries, including energy, elections, and gaming, just to name a few. He has literally drafted, and advised policy makers on, hundreds of pieces of legislation that have become the law of Ohio.


One particular area that Frank has been instrumental to the Ohio General Assembly is with energy and public utilities law. For many years, interested parties across the industry have turned to Frank because of his unique ability to help members of the legislature with better understanding the complexities of this policy area.


Frank was also the key drafter of several constitutional amendments that Ohioans recently overwhelmingly approved, including constitutional amendments that limit the incorporation of monopolies into Ohio’s Constitution, prohibit non-citizens from voting in Ohio’s elections, and reform Ohio’s outdated redistricting processes.


But what makes Frank so unique is his prior executive branch experience. Before his long career in the Ohio Senate, Frank separately served as legal counsel to Ohio Governor John Kasich, Auditor of State Mary Taylor, and Attorneys General Marc Dann and Jim Petro.


Frank received his B.A. in Business and Computer Information Systems from Indiana University, and his Juris Doctor from the Chicago-Kent College of Law. He lives in Columbus with his wife Sarah, and their identical twin girls, Victoria and Elizabeth.

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