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About ZHF Consulting

Our Approach

Unlike many firms, ZHF Consulting LLC takes a very structured and comprehensive approach to our policy and government affairs efforts. First, we gain an understanding of our client’s business, goals and philosophy. Once specific legislative goals are identified, we develop a work plan designed to identify the steps necessary to successfully obtain the results our client is seeking. Our work plan assigns each task to ZHF Consulting LLC or client personnel and provides a target completion date. This disciplined approach ensures maximum effectiveness.

Who We Are

ZHF Consulting LLC provides specialized consulting and lobbying services for our clients related to public policy issues at all levels of government - the federal, state and local level.  All areas of government affairs are handled by ZHF Consulting, including general lobbying on all legislative and regulatory matters.


Our unique team of experienced professionals have combined over 100+ years of service and experience and as such, have served as former state legislators, including  State Senators and members of the Ohio House of Representatives, some of which also served in leadership positions of both the Ohio Senate and Ohio House.  Other members of our team include former state officials that have held various administrative positions, including Ohio tax commissioner, cabinet member, state racing commissioner, and legislative director for the Ohio Department of Job & Family Services and Ohio Department of Administrative Services.  Many on our team also bring experience from the private sector.  We leverage our solid reputation and extensive experience to provide high-value government relations services.


We take a disciplined approach, developing specific action plans designed to achieve effective results in Washington DC, Ohio and at the local level. Our experienced consulting team understands how government works and has a proven track record of leveraging that understanding to achieve the best results for our clients.


ZHF Consulting represents businesses, industries and trade associations of all sizes, as well as others who are affected by legislative activity. No matter is too big or too small.

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