Our Services

We assist Clients in the following Government Affairs areas:

General Advocacy

Our team is uniquely qualified to assist clients on a wide range of policy issues and law changes. For instance, the members of our Government Affairs bipartisan team have served as general lobbyists for several publicly traded companies, universities, and trade associations. We use our disciplined work plan to advocate on behalf of our clients to federal, state and local policy makers and regulators.

Federal Advocacy

Those that have worked within the halls of Congress are uniquely situated to help clients navigate Washington D.C. on a variety of levels. Working with members of Congress and federal regulatory bodies allows ZHF Consulting to impact all levels of government for our clients. Additionally, it helps ZHF Consulting maintain strong relationships with Ohio's own congressional delegation, many of whom are former colleagues of ours.

State Advocacy

At the state level, we leverage our relationships with legislators, regulators and policy makers to advocate for effective change for both law and regulatory code as well as policy and guidance within state agencies. We have great personal relationships with many of the law makers.

Regulatory Issues

Our team can assist clients in overcoming hurdles and roadblocks that often occur in the governmental process by navigating agencies and working with bureaucrats. We have key relationships with many of these decision makers, which proves very helpful for our clients.

Industry Impact Analysis

Understanding the burden that laws and regulatory policy place on an industry is often the first step in justifying improvements or preventing undesirable changes. The ZHF Consulting team can develop a white paper analyzing current or proposed laws or regulatory policies which apply to an industry. Such a document is an important resource for policy makers to ensure a clear understanding of an industry.