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Governor Signs Coronavirus Emergency Response Legislation

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

On Friday, March 27, 2020, Governor Mike DeWine signed the Coronavirus (Covid-19) emergency response legislation. It was amended into a technical tax clean-up bill, Am. Sub. HB 197, sponsored by Representatives Derek Merrin and Jena Powell. It was voted on and unanimously approved by both legislative chambers on Wednesday, earlier this week.

Other than the tax cleanup provisions, the Covid-19 response pieces are very robust and addresses many issues, a wide range of topics that have resulted over the past few weeks due to this current health crisis we are facing now. Many of the emergency provisions are listed below:

  • Barring disconnection of public water service

  • Extending voting by mail to allow counting of absentee ballots postmarked by April 28

  • Making allowances for people whose licenses of various kinds will expire during the emergency

  • Granting local governments flexibility to meet remotely, with provisions for public participation

  • Waiving state testing and report cards for this academic year

  • Lifting the cap on granting credit for distance learning

  • Waiving usual requirements to permit high school seniors who were on track before the crisis to graduate

  • Freezing EdChoice eligibility at current levels

  • Expanding eligibility for unemployment compensation

  • Aligning the state tax filing deadline to the delayed federal deadline.

  • Temporarily tolling criminal and civil statutes of limitation

  • Allowing a one-time transfer from the Rainy-Day Fund this fiscal year, with Controlling Board approval.

  • Allowing temporary practice certificates for recent nursing graduates and changing the scope of practice for certified registered nurse anesthetists.

For more details on the legislation and a copy of the bill you can access it here:

The ZHF Consulting team has been fully monitoring this situation during this entire process. If you need additional information or if our team can be of any assistance to you or your business/association, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can also reach us at Thank you.

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