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Live Stream: Prognostications and Punditry: How Cap Square Insiders See Ohio's Election

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Please join ZHF Consulting LLC in our live stream event, Prognostications and Punditry: How Cap Square Insiders See Ohio's Election, on October 22nd from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm. ZHF Consulting LLC is sponsoring a live stream program moderated by Beau Euton (with First Harvest Consulting) and a guest panel including:

From ZHF Consulting:

The esteemed panel will discuss the upcoming legislative races and elections, including the following:

  • Each of the panelists will share their thoughts on how they think the presidential election will go and how Ohio will go.

  • Each panelists will be asked to share their personal experiences (both positive and negative) about running a campaign in a wave election year.

  • Each will talk about the feelings of enthusiasm or helplessness that candidates, party chairs, consultants are feeling during these kinds of events.

  • What a Biden win would mean for Ohio GOP/Dem parties

  • What a Trump win would mean for both Ohio parties, both at the Statehouse and for future elections.

  • Do you see any U.S. House or Senate changes? Or Chamber Flips?

  • Thoughts about the U.S. Supreme Court vacancy? Nominee, Amy Coney Barrett – Will or should they fill it before or after elections/Inauguration?

  • What are the big races to keep an eye on this year?

  • Do you foresee any big upsets? If so, who? And why?

  • Does the Householder scandal impact Trump and down the Republican ticket here in Ohio this fall?

How to watch:

To register through LinkedIn, please click the following link - register here.

Not on LinkedIn?, please click the following link to go directly to our YouTube channel - click here. Please contact Rich Bitonte or any ZHF Consulting LLC professional if you have questions.

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