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Live Stream: Reactor Reactions - How Will Ohio Address the Fallout from HB 6?

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Please join ZHF Consulting LLC in our live stream event, Reactor Reactions - How Will Ohio Address the Fallout from HB 6?, on September 17th from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm. Our guest speakers will address the following issues plus your questions:

  • Where does the General Assembly go from here, as it relates to HB 6? Is the legislation tainted?

  • What were the good provisions of HB 6 (and, therefore, should be retained)?

  • What were the “bad” provisions of HB 6?

  • Should the General Assembly repeal and replace HB 6?

  • If HB 6 were repealed, what policy concerns and challenges exist for replacing it?

  • What about other recent pending Energy proposals? – HB 746, HB 738, SB 346.

  • What is the impact on jobs and industry if HB 6 is repealed?

  • What are the important elements to an Ohio fair and balanced energy policy?

Guest Panelists Include:

  • Representative Bill Seitz, Ohio House of Representatives - Majority Floor Leader

  • Senator Sean O'Brien, Ohio Senate - Minority Whip

  • Stephanie Kromer, Director of Energy and Environmental Policy, Ohio Chamber of Commerce

From ZHF Consulting:

Moderator: Joe Price - TimkenSteel

How to watch:

To register through LinkedIn, please click the following link - register here.

Not on LinkedIn?, please click the following link to go directly to our YouTube channel - click here. Please contact Rich Bitonte or any ZHF Consulting LLC professional if you have questions.

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